Connecting with Millennials During College Recruitment

March 7, 2016

The Shift in the College Recruitment Process

Do you remember your experience with the college recruitment process? For most of us, we recall being inundated with direct mail from colleges and universities around the country, as we selected the top few colleges to which we would mail our applications.

But as with anything, time and technology have resulted in drastic changes to the college admissions process. Whether via mobile ads, social media, or a website, college admissions have more channels than ever to reach their target demographic of high school juniors and seniors.

But today’s students have much more at their fingertips, with smartphones, social networks, and robust school websites demanding their attention. Coupled with increased competition during recruitment cycles, new methods are needed to tell and support the university story and build relationships with prospective students.

View our Guide to Connecting with Millennials During College Recruitment

In this piece, you will learn:

  • How prospective students are using technology, and where you can best reach them
  • Why an emotional connection with a student is important to the decision-making process
  • Ideas for how you can incorporate entertainment media into the recruitment process

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