Grinderman “Heathen Child”

July 26, 2010

If Nick Cave is married to The Bad Seeds, then Grinderman is his mistress. “Heathen Child” has been given to us ahead of the albums release via SoundCloud, check it out!

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=””]

I have to say, i don’t like it very much. Nick, i thought we had a kind of potlatch pact? I bring my hard earned cash to the party, and the music gets better and better. Well, now i feel a little betrayed! This is a poor b-side at best, in fact, The Bad Seeds have 3 discs full of better b-sides than this song. Maybe The Bad Seeds’ revolving door policy should be implemented with Grinderman? Just a thought. End this fling after this release and beg for forgiveness! That, and coax Blixa & Mick back into the fold. Now, please. I’m waiting…

Now, let’s reminisce for a moment, shall we?


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