Music Discovery: April 2021

April 1, 2021 Kara Weinand

Hi, I’m Grady Tyree and I’ve been working in our Label Relations / Procurement department for the past 8 years, in our position we play both air-traffic-controller and bullhorn to keep our team of music supervisors aware of new artists and label priorities as they come through the library.

As we are sorting through the multitudes of songs each week, I get a chance to discover music from artists not necessarily on the charts or on the top playlists on the various streaming platforms. I recently read an article stressing the importance of searching out new music, new artists, new sounds… so for 2021, I’ve been keeping track of songs I’ve let occupy space in my mind as ear-worms on a monthly cadence… below are four artists who you need to know about!


Artist: Aaron Frazer

Track: Can’t Leave It Alone

Twitter: @AaronFrazer_

Aaron Frazer first appeared on my radar in April 2019, when [...]

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Music Discovery: April 2021
Music Discovery: April 2021


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