Music Discovery: February 2019

February 11, 2019 Kara Weinand

This month’s Music Discovery Blog comes from one of our Associate Music Supervisors, Patrick Milgram, who discusses why it is important to leave the music algorithms behind. Along with his three featured tracks, Patrick has hand picked 25 songs he recommends to get your playlist out of it’s feedback loop. 




A world of automation and algorithms should be utopic for an indecisive person, right? More and more, it seems that we’re relying on our technology and applications to spoon feed us the next best thing based on our listening and viewing habits. While I was grateful for my streaming services queuing up the next best thing that fit my interests, over time, I began experiencing a creeping feeling of unease that I was missing out on something. I felt some relief reading this article about independent online radio stations, which spoke to the eclecticism and unpredictability of human curation – it validated many of my feelings about automated recommendations.

Rather [...]

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