Music Discovery: July 2020

July 1, 2020 Kara Weinand

This time and space we’re currently occupying is bursting with a multitude of layers representing so much to so many different people. One seemingly common connector is a tangible feeling of change, one that’s propelled forward by the progression of the Black Lives Matter movement, the celebration of Pride, and the opportunity to care for each other amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Change is a hard thing to capture, especially as we harness the potential energy behind it in a kinetic display meant to dismantle and rebuild the systems and attitudes that shape our world. We are existing in a fluid state. While the lack of definition may make the future seem daunting, we’re also offered the opportunity to create new ways to serve all people. Like rivers carving their path to the sea.

The following featured tracks and accompanying playlist aim to encapsulate the magnitude of the times through a mix of new music and other tracks that just felt right. Together may we Lift Every Voice and Sing.


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