Music Discovery: May 2020

May 1, 2020 Kara Weinand

Hi, my name is Brittany Ward and I’m a Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork. My job requires an eclectic music taste, but my personal tastes range from hip-hop to country with everything in between. I love discovering new music and my favorite sounds to listen to have a blend of multiple genres. Below, are some of my crossover songs I’ve been listening to lately.  


Artist: Parisalexa

Track: Chocolate

Twitter: @parisalexamusic

Hailing from the Seattle area, Parisalexa had a busy last year appearing on the TV show Songland to perform a song she wrote in front of Charlie Puth and other judges who gave her the praise all of us in the Northwest knew she deserved. She’s been on my radar for quite some time but her new music is making a leap into a new level of R&B pop music.


Artist: Margo Price

Track: Twinkle Twinkle

Twitter: @MissMargoPrice

Margo Price [...]

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