Music Discovery: October 2018

October 2, 2018 Kara Weinand

This month’s music discovery comes to you by one our Associate Music Supervisor, Ruben Lira. Our October BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to set your playlist in the right direction with this month’s music discovery.




This month’s choices are focused on those songs which seem out of place with mainstream. The songs I picked are those that take the listener on a journey through highs and lows within the song. Some of the songs are slow and some are a ride into an uplifting euphoria. These songs are hidden gems, which rarely get the spotlight but never the less, deserve recognition of the artistic substance they encompass.

Artist: Maggie Rogers

Track: Fallingwater

Twitter: @maggierogers

This song seems to take the formula of a song and reverse it. Rather than a slow build up, the song seems to pulsate at the beginning, then slows down the tempo within the middle, and finally ends on a revival style outro with vocals and hand claps echoing toward the end. The lyrics come across as pure depth to the soul, yet a touch of pain is felt throughout the entire track. Heartache and life is described so elegantly through this cinematic track.


Artist: Leon Bridges

Track: Georgia to Texas

Twitter: @leonbridges

Making my hometown proud (Fort Worth, TX), Leon Bridges churns out a song that can make anyone want to stop and contemplate life. The song starts with a simple bass line, then proceeds into somber lyrics detailing a journey, which is full of winding roads. The song then brings in a sax during the middle that seems to become the emotional voice for the rest of the song.


Artist: Snail Mail

Track: Let’s Find An Out

Twitter: @Snailmailband

A generous picking of the guitar and reverberating tones back this slow indie rock ballad. With a simple mix of voice, electric guitar and kick drum, this song manages to bring a calmness to any day. Snail Mail has crafted a melodic masterpiece that has an amazing ethereal substance throughout the song.


Artist: Kyson

Track: Every High

Twitter: @kysonmusic

Every High is a minimalistic song that questions the highs and lows of life. Every sound seems to be placed at just the right spot in the song to enhance the emotion levels throughout. It is a song, which encourages relaxation, yet makes you just uncomfortable enough to make you stop and think.

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