Music Discovery: Top Songs 2018

December 17, 2018 Kara Weinand

Here at PlayNetwork, our creative music experts work with clients around the world to curate music for a diverse range of clients, from high-end retailers to small mom-and-pop places that want to hear the best music for their brand and audience. From this unique perspective, we tend to look for music that is popular and familiar, and we dig deeper for more obscure music by an artist or band that just broke into the scene that no one knows about yet. Below is a small peek of some of those artists and songs that were used the most by our clients here at PlayNetwork.

And to continue our annual end of the year list, we will be posting some of our Music Supervisor top albums and songs that they loved and most likely curated for their clients in 2019. And make sure to check out our December playlist and discover some great new tracks to add to your rotation, handpicked by our entire music team.




Artist: Rita Ora

Track: Anywhere

Twitter: @RitaOra

British-Albanian singer Rita Ora broke into the music scene back in 2012 when she was featured on the single “Hot Right Now” which rose to number 1 in the UK charts. Since then, she has acted in multiple movies, and released two albums with her latest Phoenix just coming out this past November on Atlantic Records. Her second single off that album “Anywhere” reached #2 in the UK and she’s embarking on a world tour in 2019.


Artist: Camila Cabello

Track: Havana (Feat. Young Thug)

Twitter: @Camila_Cabello

Cuban-born Camila Cabello broke out in a major way in 2019 with her debut studio album Camila which featured the lead single “Havana.” DJs everywhere were playing the hit single that had people wondering… Who is Camila? She actually broke out in 2012 when she was part of girl group Fifth Harmony. After going off on her own for some collaborations on some singles, she decided to come back to her Cuban roots with her new release. Look for more to come from this rising star.


Artist: Beck

Track: Up All Night

Twitter: @beck

Simply known as Beck, Beck David Campbell has been in the music game since his breakout single “Loser” came out way back in 1994. A genius songwriter and in-demand collaborator, he’s got a deep catalog of releases, art projects, movie appearances… You name it, he’s done it. He’s even released a song in Spanish and has remixed songs for David Bowie and Bjork. People love him or want to be him, so when he released his 13th album Colors which made my top list of albums in 2017, it cracked many charts a plenty. Still relevant in 2018 with brands around the world still requesting his songs, I thought I’d include one of my favorites “Up All Night.”

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