[Case Study] Gymboree


Industry: Retail

Company HQ: United States

Inspired by children and the grownups who care for them, The Gymboree Corporation is one of the largest specialty retailers for children’s apparel and accessories. With a brand for every family, including Gymboree, Janie and Jack and Crazy 8, the heart of Gymboree’s business is the celebration of childhood. To infuse their retail experience with the imagination and fun of their Play & Music initiative, Gymboree selected PlayNetwork to develop and execute three unique strategies designed to capture the essence of each brand and their unique demographics.


PlayNetwork partnered with Gymboree’s Creative Directors to develop an original series that highlights seasonal styles and promotions to inspire shoppers while entertaining their children with animated stories.


Custom music strategies and hand-selected songs differentiate experiences at Gymboree, Crazy8 and Janie and Jack to capture the essence of each brand and their listener persona.


PlayNetwork’s flexible content delivery platform maximizes the return on hardware investments by enabling the global distribution of entertainment media while leveraging existing infrastructure.

“The heart of Gymboree's business is the celebration of childhood.”
By creating branded entertainment-driven experiences centered on music and video content, Gymboree is able to unify store environments with their continued commitment to childhood development through the arts.
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