[Case Study] Children’s Learning Adventure: Enriching Education Across the Country

July 25, 2017

With over 50 locations and growing, Children’s Learning Adventure (CLA) continues to raise the bar for child care across the country. Rivaling the most innovative retailers, CLA’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology-rich classrooms are designed to immerse children in a world of imagination and discovery.

For their locations across the United States, CLA selected PlayNetwork to engineer a multi-zone audio visual system to entertain, inform and educate both children and parents. With centers ranging from 25,000 to 55,000 square feet, PlayNetwork‘s Systems Advantage team created a custom setup that incorporates music, video, and technology while leveraging a scalable and repeatable design to accelerate expansion and make learning fun. Here is how:

AV + IT Systems Design and Installation.

  • Enrollment Center: 55” touch screen displays provide guests and new families a video-rich, interactive virtual tour and intuitive enrollment experience.
  • Gaming Room: Energy-saving displays include navigation and volume control for 4 Xboxes, personalized listening, and remote troubleshooting support.
  • iPad Learning: 6 – 8 preloaded, wireless iPad learning stations eliminate cables and include secure mounting, upgraded power infrastructure, speakers and volume control.
  • Modern Dance: A large 4×4 video wall and touch panel offers control of custom classroom content, branded entertainment, high performance audio, and pre-programmed overhead and dance floor lighting.

Multi-Zone Music Curation. Refreshed monthly, a hand-selected, multi-zone music experience engages children of all ages in CLA’s specialty classrooms, extracurricular rooms, including a bowling alley, theater, basketball court and more.

Audio Delivery. The three-zone audio system offers a high-quality, multi-channel experience with pre-built and configured settings to ensure consistent performance in every CLA location.

“ CLA’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology-rich classrooms are designed to immerse children in a world of imagination and discovery. ”


As CLA continues to expand and enroll new families in every major US city, PlayNetwork’s process, expertise in music curation and content delivery, systems design, installation and service ensure a seamless, interactive experience and blueprint for learning and growth.


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