[Case Study] Houlihan’s: Curating the H-List

August 9, 2016

Houlihan’s is a casual dining chain with a passion for music who came to PlayNetwork looking for an innovative way to distinguish themselves from their competition, and deepen customer engagement.

PlayNetwork developed a multi-platform digital music solution that expresses the brand’s music savvy and encourages interaction by customers. By upgrading Houlihan’s web radio player to an HTML5 version optimized for playback across devices, customers are able to listen to the custom sound of Houlihan’s wherever they are.

  • Music curation and licensing. Drawing from a combination of indie pop, modern soul, adult alternative, and light electronica, the custom music programmed by PlayNetwork music supervisors sets Houlihan’s apart from the other fast casual restaurants in the space.
  • The H-List. Each month, the top songs from the Houlihan’s playlists are made available to guests via the Houlihan’s website.
  • Delivering music in-store and beyond. Expertly curated music is played overhead in all Houlihan’s locations via the PlayNetwork MC500, as well as deployed on their website via CURIOStream.

Customers who enjoy the music experience while dining in the restaurant can now enjoy the same digital music experience anytime, anywhere. By providing a distinct Houlihan’s brand experience and extending to any mobile device, Houlihan’s emphasizes their longstanding commitment to music, innovation, and their customers. Plus, customers have a great avenue for music discovery and Houlihan’s solidifies its identity as a trendsetter for new music discovery.

To experience the Houlihan’s sound, visit http://houlihans.com/music.

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