Emotion Inspires Behavior

Learn more about PlayNetwork's offering, including the strategy behind how we curate for brands, the impact of music on branding, as well as our content delivery platform, CURIO.

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PlayNetwork ©2019 2 AT PL AYNET WORK, OUR GOAL IS TO HELP BR ANDS MAKE A POWERFUL CONNECTION WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE EMOTIONS INSPIRED BY MUSIC. Not just any music, mind you, but music that truly reflects your brand. And deeply resonates with your customers. We believe with the collective fibers of our being that music is one of the most powerful tools a brand can leverage. Many companies agree with us. Which is why more than 450 of the world's most beloved brands have turned to PlayNetwork to help them define their sonic identity and deliver music to their brand. We've written a series of articles, backed by research and real-world examples, to show how brands can harness the power of emotion to create new connections with their customers. You'll learn why people are willing to invest more when they have an emotional connection, how music and entertainment media are the most valuable expressions of a brand's personality, and how you can engage customers on a level beyond transactions. 2

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