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Learn more about PlayNetwork's offering, including the strategy behind how we curate for brands, the impact of music on branding, as well as our content delivery platform, CURIO.

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Serenade Business Music subscriptions include: • Up to 245 business mixes each containing 250 to more than 1,000 songs • Recurring music updates via network connection or disc • All licensing and royalty fees tracked and paid by PlayNetwork CHANNEL SUITE Instantly choose from 26 preset business mixes, ready to plug-and-play. • Includes our top 15 business mixes and 11 holiday mixes • Content comes ready-to-play on an MC500 media player • Switch channels with the push of a button • Two zone playback MASTER SUITE Absolute creative control over your business music with the ability to create your own channel mix blends and schedule them for time of day. Get all the features of our Business Suite, plus: • Day-parting: Schedule up to five business mixes (plus one holiday mix) to play during different times of the day • Access your main channel mix and up to 4 additional mixes from the media player LCD or CURIOPlayer UI. BUSINESS SUITE Our most popular way for small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy a custom sound with channel blending. • Access to 245 business music mixes including holiday playlists • Manage your music playback using our online music management program, Serenade • Create your own blend of up to 5 business music mixes and specify blend percentage • Find mixes by genre, era, artist, or song and view detail including mix description, representative artists, marketing strategy, and more • Search and listen to individual songs and mixes, and block individual songs and artists from mixes • Assign music programming to groups of locations ACCESS UP TO 245 MIXES OF LICENSED MUSIC WITH DEEP SCHEDULING CONTROL. Manage and schedule in-venue background music in a way that fits your business. With Serenade Business Mixes from PlayNetwork, get a wide variety of content and control that's perfect for any bar, restaurant or store. 1 © PlayNetwork 2020 v.050420 Serenade Business Mixes

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