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Learn more about PlayNetwork's offering, including the strategy behind how we curate for brands, the impact of music on branding, as well as our content delivery platform, CURIO.

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Explore the music that fits your brand, including a collection of Apple Music playlists and bespoke playlists, created by your PlayNetwork music supervisor. Listen to the songs included in each playlist, share playlists with colleagues for review, and choose which playlists to add or remove from the library. Create a base schedule that plays as the default music program for the day. Set exception schedules for seasonal moments, marketing campaigns, special events, and more. Within each time block, you can select, blend, and weight up to 5 playlists. Control playback to create the right sound at the right time. MUSIC FOR YOUR BRAND Music Strategies can be set for locations or a defined group for flexibility and control. You can view and edit programmed playlists within the app, giving you full visibility into music across your locations. COMPLE TE VISIBILIT Y INTO YOUR MUSIC Playlis t Cat alog CREATIVE CONTROL WITH SCHEDULES Apple Music for Business, brought to you by PlayNetwork is a revolutionary service that combines world-class music curation, proprietary technology, and easy-to-use tools to let customers listen to, share, and enjoy the music your brand plays— no matter where they go. With Apple Music for Business , brought to you by PlayNetwork, you and your PlayNetwork music supervisor can collaborate and manage the music from an intuitive, web-based platform. COLLABORATION PORTAL © PlayNetwork, Inc. 2018-2020 © 2019-2020 Apple Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Music, and Apple Music for Business are trademarks of Apple Inc. v.031720 Librar y Schedules

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