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PlayNetwork CURIOPlayerX5 FAQ

Learn more about PlayNetwork's offering, including the strategy behind how we curate for brands, the impact of music on branding, as well as our content delivery platform, CURIO.

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PlayNetwork CURIOPlayer FAQs HOW IT WORKS How does the CURIOPlayer communicate with PlayNetwork systems? The CURIOPlayer initiates a connection to PlayNetwork ‘s content delivery network. The CURIOPlayer sends periodic status information throughout the day, but only retrieves content updates, configuration changes, and PlayNetwork application updates during a specified download window. How are network settings added to the CURIOPlayer? The CURIOPlayer ships pre-configured with either DHCP or customer - provided static IP addressing. Does the CURIOPlayer stream music? No, the CURIOPlayer does not stream audio. The CURIOPlayer only plays content that is located on the CURIOPlayer’s local storage. CURIOPlayer NETWORK CONFIGURATION Should the CURIOPlayer utilize DHCP or a static IP address? The CURIOPlayer can utilize either DHCP or static settings. It can be configured with the settings that best fit your network infrastructure. What information is required for the player to use a static IP? The following will need to be provided to PlayNetwork for each location : static IP address, gateway, subnet mask, primary DNS, and secondary DNS. Can the CURIOPlayer use a public IP address? A public IP address is not recommended for the CURIOPlayer. PlayNetwork recommends the CURIOPlayer utilize a private IP address and is on a non - PCI guest or vendor network that does not require authentication. Can a public DNS be used? Yes, if a public DNS is used, TCP / UDP port 53 is required to be opened for outbound traffic from the player. Can the network settings change after the player is online at the customer location? Yes, the player ‘s network settings can change. The customer will need to notify PlayNetwork prior to when the changes need to take effect. PlayNetwork will adjust the network settings on PlayNetwork servers. The CURIOPlayer will check into the server and download the new network settings. How does the player synchronize time? The local player time is synced by contacting PlayNetwork servers.

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