[Case Study] Sea-Tac Airport: Award Winning Music Program Greets Travelers

November 8, 2016

As a diverse and world-class city, Seattle has a culture that is strongly shaped by the music of local artists. The gateway into this culture can be found at Sea-Tac International Airport, the 13th ranked airport in the U.S. and 40th in the world, hosting more than 43 million passengers per year.

With a goal of creating a unique sense of place while promoting the Pacific Northwest’s rich music history and vibrant scene, the Port of Seattle and Seattle Music Commission teamed up with PlayNetwork to create the Experience the City of Music initiative, a comprehensive music experience at Sea-Tac Airport that celebrates music from Seattle and the Northwest. PlayNetwork makes this idea come alive through an integrated content strategy that includes:

  • Music services. The overhead music program has highlighted more than 300 local musicians and counting, filling the airport with the beat of the city.
  • Messaging. Welcome, security, and informational announcements are delivered to travelers by more than 40 artists including Macklemore, Quincy Jones, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains.
  • Video services. Curated music videos play on baggage claim monitors throughout the airport.
  • CURIOStream. This streaming radio player let travelers listen to playlists featuring local artists wherever they are.

Further enhanced with daily live performances throughout the common areas and terminals and music-themed art installations such as the Pearl Jam Post Exhibit, the Experience the City of Music program was awarded the Best Arrivals Experience at the third annual Future Travel Experience Awards in 2013, which recognizes the most innovative, ambitious, and effective initiatives and organizations in the airline industry.

Go check it out for yourself next time you’re at SEA, or listen to the playlists here.

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