The Experience Starts and Ends with the Customer

September 2, 2015

Today, it’s widely recognized that a bulk of music discovery is from brands. Radio has narrowed its playlists to well-established top-40 acts and often the most profitable radio stations feature oldies music. Brands want to feature music that works for their retail environments, and the selection isn’t based on Soundscan sales or how much the artist has been promoted by its label.

With the traffic that flows through retail outlets, the potential exposure for artists to the customers of a brand is huge—and growing. Every day, tens, even hundreds, of millions of people get to hear music in retail locations they either know or otherwise would not have heard, and now with the accessibility of devices, they can discover and interact with music like never before.

But even with this growth, it pales in comparison with the exposure through retail and brand-owned or endorsed channels. Brands that can effectively leverage music as part of their marketing strategies in-store, online, at event, and on device are in the best position to gain a return on their investments.

Brands have become tastemakers, and retailers—whether online or offline—are the new record stores, where consumers can listen to music and respond to the experience by buying what they hear. As one of the biggest purchase drivers in the world, music can help brands take advantage of these trends.

“ Brands have become tastemakers, and retailers—whether online or offline—are the new record stores. ”

The Key to Success: Immersion

Central to the brand immersion stage for a Music Supervisor is observing, listening, and determining what makes the audience tick. What they like, how adventurous they are, what motivates them, their comfort zone — essentially what matters and why. Just like one would with any other part of a marketing strategy.

Defining these archetypes helps generate new ideas while crafting the auditory identity that fits with the overarching brand framework. Brands should always ask their sound agency how the music strategy aligns with audience segments. It’s so much more than genre or channel.

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