[Case Study] NYX Cosmetics: The New Retail

May 31, 2016

As online and offline shopping experiences converge, the bar for customer experience remains high. Rather than devaluing brick and mortar, brands that use digital methods to reshape the traditional store experience create distinction, capture attention, and increase loyalty. One brand that’s leading the way: NYX Cosmetics.

Known for high-quality and unique products at accessible prices, NYX caters to one of the largest digital communities of makeup lovers. To bring the energy of their online world into a store, NYX opened their first digitally inspired flagship location aimed at this audience, and chose PlayNetwork to unify their digital and physical spaces.

PlayNetwork created an entertainment media ecosystem to infuse NYX Professional Makeup Stores with music and digital technology, an experience that includes:

  • Branded music curation, licensing and delivery. A custom music strategy and playlists are delivered through CURIOPlayer X5 hardware in each location, with all licensing and royalties managed on NYX’s behalf.
  • Video content production. Takeover graphics and dynamic transitions fill screens while unique visual treatments highlight featured artists, product promotions, and NYX brand content on First Look displays.
  • Large-format digital displays. Multiple large-format displays are built into store windows and interiors to engage customers and inspire them with stunning imagery sourced from the NYX community.
  • Digital wayfinders. Directional signage on digital displays showcase the latest styles and provide moments of immersive brand takeovers while helping customers navigate through the store.

With rave reviews from loyal and new makeup lovers, NYX has quickly become the fastest growing cosmetics brands in the world. NYX is defining the future of retail, and this is just the beginning.

“ The interactive and digitally inspired approach to NYX stores is relevant and timely for consumers, as well as in-store retail staff. Through PlayNetwork’s partnership, we are able to bring the colorful, creative world of NYX to life through a highly customized, consumer-centric retail environment.  ” Nathalie Kristo, NYX Cosmetics, Senior VP of Marketing and Global Business

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